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Data center monitoring by alerts by SMS

Technical team developed an excellent software which allows the Data center monitoring from a single solution, the application of control of the alerts, MEMOGuard allows to centralize all the alerts, the supervisor receives all the alarms to handle(treat) them according to the emergency procedures.

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Supervision of the alerts of centers Data

The software editor Clever Technologies is recognized as one of the leaders and the specialist in the world of the supervision with one of the best software of control, management of the alerts with on-call of the market: Memoguard.
It is possible to prioritize the system of the alerts because it is frequent to see that some of the alarms are less important than others, and than they entail no major risk.

Outil Supervision

Data Centers monitoring software of alarms

MEMOGuard, will allow you to put controls on the active elements of your network and technical global environment, whether it is alerts on the material(equipment), or alerts on systems computing either alerts on automatons.
A new version is put in production with an IHM for the supervision (Interface Man Machine) for the remote supervision of the alarms of the datacenter and their remote and real time possible update, via this Web interface you can analyze the state of your computing in a few clicks, it will be possible to modify schedule of the on-call staff, to manage the priorities of the current(in class) alerts.
All the applications systems of dated to center, can communicate with the software of supervision MEMOGuard, directly via THE IHM you can consult the dysfunctions of equipments, and throw(launch) directly processes either stop it others, so allowing a considerable saving of time.
The monitoring of the real time alerts is essential to the smooth running of IF, Data Center is permanently “monitored” by the supervisor who in case of problem, triggers an alarm on according to the schedule of one and several on-call agents.
Several possibilities to activate(start) the alerts in the datacenter

  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Vocal messages
  • Contrive TCP / IP….
  • ……………

In case of not coverage(care) of an alarm by the on-call staff, you can set up procedures of escalation(climbing) to spread(broadcast) the message in participants'(speakers’) largest number. You can put a procedure of escalation(climbing) in case of not resolution of the alert within the time limits allowed in this action(share)

  • With sensors of environment for the hygrometric recovery of the rates, the temperature probes, the check of the functioning mains current, generator, smoke detector …)
  • The analysis of the network for the control of the connectivities of a Web site, a check of the traffic, alerts consumption of the bandwidth …)
  • Systems computing, Services or Process (Web servers, DNS …)
  • Availability of the resources (reports, hard disk …)

centralized technical System or of building All the data of the software of data center monitoring are stored in the software MEMOGuard, allowing to obtain a complete history for a total traceability of all the events speakers in Data Center.