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Monitoring Equipment | Supervision of technical equipment and IT infrastructure

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Monitoring alerts with monitoring equipment

Technical supervision of computer equipment and industrial infrastructure with MEMOGuard . This is an alarm and alert supervisor with managing bound teams. MEMOGuard can receive alerts from monitored equipment. Alerts for each device are sent to concerned personnel on duty to control the technical element that triggers the alert .

SMS alert on supervised technical equipment.

The technician can perform the alert message with a response to the received message. The supervisor will recover the message for the traceability of alarms in an event log to produce a report on the activities of daily alerts.
Faulty equipment, or equipment down slightly to a malfunction to the success of the company’s business. Go alerts in the monitoring software
MEMOGuard oversees equipment and materials installed in the infrastructure, to set up early-warning system in MEMOguard just do it send alerts on the monitoring software you want to control via an email alert, snmp trap alert, alert TCP / IP … sms email alert , SMS alert dry contact
An alert procedure will be put in place in relation to the degree of need of intervention. In France in companies are often required to have specialists to intervene in such and such equipment.
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