Crisis Unit

Managing a Crisis | Management of an emergency unit

Manager of emergency cell during a crisis. The MEMOGuard Solution allows a crisis manager . MEMOGuard has the ability to meet simultaneously all concerned manager for the emergency unit and act on the importance of the situation. MEMOGuard is an alarm and alert the supervisor who provides the ability to manage a set of options … Lire plus

Crisis Management : Crisis for an emergency


Manage a crisis cell for an emergency

MEMOGuard supervises alarms and alerts with call and set up a crisis unit in connection with the procedures set alerts, and planned in relation to the level of the alert. Several means of communication to establish the Crisis: SMS, email, fax, voice messages, pagers, « Sound speaker » or « megaphone ».

It is required by the state to set up a crisis center or communal safeguarding plan to meet a need for communication with citizens in case of emergency « floods, heat waves, storms, snow, earthquake. »

Setting up an emergency unit  for a crisis

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Crisis unit transport with the alert perturbed road traffic.


Crisis unit in the school transport.

Here is a video on the crisis unit organized in the school transport. The television channel France3 made a report on the implementation of a crisis unit to the General Council of Saône-et-Loire ( 71 ), during the orange alert thrown(launched) by Meteo France.
In the department of Saône-et-Loire ( 71 ), the service(department) of the School Transport of the General Council and the Prefecture activated(started) the crisis unit because of the orange alert of vigilance emitted(uttered) by Meteo France. While waiting for the snow, there were decisions to set and people to inform.
You are a professional, you look for a system to create a crisis unit:

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Municipal crisis unit and emergency Communication plan

The municipal crisis unit is capable of reacting in case of grave events or of major risks (natural, technological, of collective transport). His(her,its) constitution allows the Local authority to make the decisions and to act with capacities(measures) the best adapted to the context and to the situation.

Role of the municipal crisis unit for the risk management

The crisis management unit must be able to advise(recommend) and propose to the decision-maker (Elected, territorial Frames(Executives)) the concrete actions(shares) has to apply to limit the disaster, the Community having for obligation(bond) to reassure(secure) and to protect the populations with Plans of Risk prevention. The team which manage the Crisis unit has to be the point for an efficiency optimum during the management of Event.

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Ebola crisis unit: coordinate the wrestling against the epidemic of fever

Virus EbolaToday in October 21st, 2014, in the Luxembourg, meet, European Ministers of Foreign Affairs, to answer the crisis of the Ebola virus, and try to set up a crisis unit appropriate and coherent Ebola, with a crisis management coordinated at the European level. The balance sheet(assessment) is already considered as catastrophic by the WHO, because this hemorrhagic fever already exceeds(overtakes) 4500 deaths, according to the figures of the WHO, role of the meeting of the Luxembourg is to bring an answer to this epidemic.

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