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Crisis unit transport with the alert perturbed road traffic.

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Crisis unit in the school transport.

Here is a video on the crisis unit organized in the school transport. The television channel France3 made a report on the implementation of a crisis unit to the General Council of Saône-et-Loire ( 71 ), during the orange alert thrown(launched) by Meteo France.
In the department of Saône-et-Loire ( 71 ), the service(department) of the School Transport of the General Council and the Prefecture activated(started) the crisis unit because of the orange alert of vigilance emitted(uttered) by Meteo France. While waiting for the snow, there were decisions to set and people to inform.
You are a professional, you look for a system to create a crisis unit:

Contact the software editor CLEVER Technologies to try free of charge the applications specialized for the supervision of the alarms and the alerts with on-call management for implementation of crisis units. They concern all the sectors: the computing, the industrialist, the safety(security), with an interface IHM Interfaces Man accessible(approachable) Machine via a Web interface, it is a software complete solution and a real automaton of industrial supervision: MEMOGuard ©.

Some examples of the use to alert the travelers in transport:

Communicate in case of Alert Disturbances of transport “school, subway, streetcar, city”, alert on all the problems bound in the world of the transport, any confused sectors. Communicate to warn that there will be no step of collection on lines this day. Inform the users of the Incidents real time Traffic. Alert when the coach breaks down. Inform demonstrations, strikes, cancellation of transport during the Meteo alerts.

Crisis unit in the school transport with a disrupted(perturbed) road traffic

Video on the alarm system school transport in Saône-et-Loire:

Crisis Unit Transport