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Tools of supervision for the control and the monitoring of the alerts

Make a request of free test of the tool of supervision MEMOGuard with its accessible Web IHM via iPad, tablet. Web interface of supervision
Adaptez votre supervision avec une surveillance 24h/24 7j/7, et diminuez les pannes, alarmes informatiques et optimisez les interventions de vos agents d’astreinte sur site.What a tool of supervision and which instruments to choose to oversee Computer system
The tools of supervision everybody speaks about it, but do we speak all of the same subject? In other words, What the supervision? It is no more and no less only the surveillance of an Information system, if we wish to stay in the job by the world of the computing. But others will go farther and will also speak about hypervision, the final goal of which is to see everything by grouping him on a single focused point (monitor screen).
Box with tools of supervision of the alarms and the alerts computing.

Sommaire de l'article

Instruments and tools tocontrol to watch the alarms of the computer system

If we applied the technique of the pyramid inverted for the supervision and the hypervision, it is easy(well-to-do) to say that bases would be stacked as follows:

  1. Base(Basis) or base: perimeters(scopes) entirely to watch or perimeters(scopes) to be overseen.
  2. Information systems, diverse and sometimes multiple, Mono-site or Multi-sites, Waiters(Servers), Nas, Switchs, Routers(Route planners), CPU, Modems,
  3. Web sites, Applications, Databases, Disk spaces, Food(Supplies), Inverters, Firewalls.
  4. Tools / supports: sensors to watch, Cameras to check(control), contacts in any kinds(genres)
  5. Cameras Ip, contacts Miscellaneous, specialized Tools, files, logs 1st Level: supervisor or supervision of one IF, of a set(group).
  6. Individual or multiple supervisors by site, by business
  7. Last Level: hypersight or Hypervision (centralized by all the controls).
  8. Central hypersight or System of supervision
  9. Picture-piloting: it is the last level, generally human, that visualizes(displays) and acts
  10. The on-call agent sees all the anomalies and has to act, because his messages will be normalized and his relieved work.

Outil Supervision
Itil and the standards of supervision
The supervision has for object to make go back up(raise) the alarms, alert and other anomalies, but if we could even better channel them, and anticipate, by planning all the incidents, it is still much better, and it is often what it is advisable to name(appoint) the Proactive Management, keys of which would be:

  1. To warn(Prevent), is well better than to cure(to be cured)
  2. To anticipate possible incidents, avoids that they occur.
  3. To organize and to Structure the Information system, will improve its production
  4. In final, the purpose is to reduce the risks.

To do it, ITIL V3 in its last versions understands 5 main elements, the final goal of which is to put the world of the services(departments) at the heart of all the concerns:

  1. The Global Strategy, the world of the services(departments)
  2. The Conception(Design), and its assets(trump cards) of the world of the services(departments)
  3. The Transition ( necessary stage) of the world of the services(departments)
  4. The daily and successful Exploitation(Operation) of the world of the services(departments)
  5. The necessary and permanent Improvement of the world of the services(departments).

To know more about Itil V3
Noted – It is for all these reasons, and to facilitate the service(department) to our customers, that for a long time to CLEVER Technologies all the technical and commercial teams, are fully qualified teachers ITIL V3, and can answer at leisure the problems of our customers, by supporting them.
MES, or Normalize ANSI / ISA-95
Without wanting to get into detail, and if we approach ITIL V3, he(it) adorned important for the writer to put some lines on a relatively recent standard The M.E.S. or MY Manufacturing Execution Systems), but applied especially to the market of software packages and in the branch of industry, the said standard also S95, who has for object among others to have standards of compatibility in computing, while defining finally a rather common terminology.
Really the scope is diverse and very wide, the purists say that she(it) contains 11 features in particular this standard adapts itself for:

  • Pilot all the stages of the production
  • Authorize(Organize)
  • Manage the material Resources
  • Manage the Resources of the staff
  • Manage the breakdowns and other incidents
  • Check(Control) the quality
  • Analyze the performances
  • Draw the procèss of manufacturing (traceability)
  • Manage all the adapted maintenance
  • Etc. etc.

Supervision and Hypervision, tools why to make?

We can say that he can have in an entity several tools of sometimes very heterogeneous supervisions there, but that the set(group) should find itself on a single console of hypervision, or central hypersight, which will have to be able to receive all the data wherever from they come and to post(show) them in a single centralized console.
So you can have tools to oversee your computing, of tool to oversee your production tools (MY), of tool to oversee your GTB or oversee your Technical management centralized, of tools for supervisor your computer equipments: materials(equipments) and licenses(Bachelor’s degrees), of tools to follow by overseeing your car park(vehicle fleet), but all these tools of supervision, can find themselves on a console of hypervision, to facilitate the work of the controller.
Tools of supervision, there is certain number there, but the ideal is to couple its tool of supervision, with a product of crisis management and on-call MEMOGuard, so in case of anomaly, not only you are informed almost in real time, but remote you can also stop an application, stop(arrest) a waiter(server), boost(relaunch) an application, either simply put yourself in connection with the on-call agent, to acquit(settle) the alerts and/or the double(copy) to acquit(settle) and to put in joining end to end two people via the networks of telephone communication.
All these features and many others are integrated(joined) nativement in MEMOGuard, also including the multi-versions user in SaaS and a Web interface of supervision of the most evolved and the last generation; the use in SaaS, allows even small structures of supervisor in a very reasonable cost for example the functioning of a site of e-commerce, the stop(ruling) of which can engender grave financial consequences.
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