Supervisez les alarmes avec une technologie Made in France

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Supervisez les alarmes avec une technologie Made in France

Appelez-nous au +33.160536053

To be on call

Technical Management hospitable obliged to hospital care personnel


Technical alarm sent to the hospital call personnel Compelled hospital Technique:

This is a tool to control alarms sent to personal compelled in public hospital, clinic, hospital center, emergency room, EMS.

The solutions proposed by CLEVER Technologies defines supervision ( Technical hospitable  Confined ) all alarms and alerts for technical constrained in the hospital, the solutions adapt , and differ for each of the hospitals to improve safety. Technical Management hospitable obliged to hospital care personnel

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Interface man machine to oversee the alarms


Interface Man Machine for the supervision of the alerts with a Web interface

 » Interface Man Machine for the Supervision of the teams and of schedules of to be on-call « 
Our automaton of alarm adapts itself to the branch of industry, to the data networks, to the institutions and to all which touches the safety(security) and the forms of activities bound(connected) to the urgent interventions (fire brigades, safety(security)).

 » On-call Staff management via a Web interface « 

This software solution allows to be reactive, in front of crises, alerts and alarms by warning the on-call person. She also allows to be proactive by avoiding the risks thanks to her management platform and the on-call supervision.

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Supervision of the staff, the on-call management of the technical teams

The specialist of the on-call management, CLEVER Technologies suggests you trying the solution MEMOGuard. The MEMOGuard software is a supervisor who notifies in case of problem the staff according to the on-call schedule.

Oversee the staff of technical guard and the teams with a software of on-call management.

  1. Supervision of the health workers in the medical world
  2. Supervision of the agents of on-call and night interventions
  3. Supervision of the technical teams for IT services
  4. Supervision of staffs of maintenance in the industrial world
  5. Supervision of the municipal agents during Plan of Forecast of the risks
  6. Supervision of the died man (management of the sensitive sites).

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Management of the teams on-call production

The Management of the teams on-call production allows to warn the technical staff to intervene as soon as possible to maintain the productivity of the system of production Outside hours and working days he(it) is essential to plan on-call teams to answer the possible problems of the users, or answer the problems of dysfunction on automatons.

Manage the schedules of the teams on call to guarantee the production

Supervision of production: how to guarantee the functioning of the production including when this one is used outside office hours? A failure of the systems, the men(people) being possible it is necessary to act quickly afin of restarting the active user device(plan), a bad manipulation being never excluded.

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Supervision of infrastructures IT and IT monitoring of the systems

Adaptez votre supervision avec une surveillance 24h/24 7j/7, et diminuez les pannes, alarmes informatiques et optimisez les interventions de vos agents d’astreinte sur site.

Today, the information system not only comes to support the activity job(business) by the company, it is at the heart of this activity and manages all the equipments allowing the productivity of the company. IT departments so have to protect the availability from it and the performances, and to develop him(it) permanently.

Supervision IT and technical infrastructures with a centralized warning device

In the face of(In front of) these stakes, the software publisher CLEVER Technologies with press a solution of supervision of infrastructures IT. It is the tool of surveillance(supervision) that allows the global supervision of IF, MEMOGuard is conceived(designed) to help the computing teams (management of the on-call teams) to check(control), to watch daily infrastructures IT to optimize the performances, if the latter are accommodated in house or confided(entrusted) to a third host. The demand(request) of supervision in SaaS increases very significantly whatever are the jobs(businesses).

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HP ArcSigth and MEMOGuard software

logiciel HP ArcSigthThe HP ArcSigth software interfaced with MEMOGuard for the risk management

The HP ArcSigth software, is world-famous to be one of the best tools in the piece of information of the safety(security) and the risk management, appreciated(estimated) by the big professionals, he allows to collect, to manage, to analyze and to store all the desired information.
The customers use HP software ArcSigth, among others to identify all non-compliance and detect breaches, so it can detect cyberattacks, and numerous internal threats that one can undergo IF (Information system). Thanks to its platform Enterprise Security manager (ESM), HP ArcSight in its Express version, is capable of proceeding to a collection of newspapers, and what she that is her origin (source of the data), to correlate the events, have strengthened them and in classifying by categories, in a database (gratitude of models, vulnerability, statistical analyses and identity).

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IT and industrial technical Liable to the work

Liable to the work are current practices in many domains of the active life, in particular in the case of treatment  of the techniques of the computing and in the industrial world. However it is advisable to clarify well, not to confuse(merge) technical penalty with offices(durabilities), which are sometimes rather nearby practices. Penalties are governed, according to the article L.3121-5 of the labor code.
It is really one or several periods, in the course of which the employee or employee is held not at the disposal of his employer but ready to intervene if necessary.

IT and industrial technical on-call management

It is what the Liable to the work : often confused(merged) with the office(durability), which obliges the employee to be present in the workplace, the penalty is not included in the actual working time of an employee. A day or an on-call night are one or several periods during which an employee must be able to intervene at any time. To be able to intervene quickly, the employee has to stay at his home(with him) or be held at arrangement(measure) in case of release of an alarm.

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