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Technical Management hospitable obliged to hospital care personnel

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Technical alarm sent to the hospital call personnel Compelled hospital Technique:

This is a tool to control alarms sent to personal compelled in public hospital, clinic, hospital center, emergency room, EMS.

The solutions proposed by CLEVER Technologies defines supervision ( Technical hospitable  Confined ) all alarms and alerts for technical constrained in the hospital, the solutions adapt , and differ for each of the hospitals to improve safety. Technical Management hospitable obliged to hospital care personnel

Astreinte Technique hospitalièreManaging compelled the hospital technical service teams!

The hospital world must react very quickly after an alarm ascent, cost centers are affected greatly depending on the consequences of the emitted alarm. Decision making must be immediate upon receiving alerts because often patients’ lives depends on it, or it will finance that … ..

The example of call management technology hospitable: the telephone server for billing calls made by patients in the hospital, when the communication charging server fails, calls to the outside are not billable to patients … . The financial losses that may result, can be considerable.

Alert hospital technical services

In the case presented above, MEMOGuard informs Technical Services or the IT manager via an email alert, or text message (SMS email) so that intervention be activated quickly

With the monitoring software MEMOGuard retrieves the alert message and sends it to all the media necessary for the proper dissemination of the message, it is possible to issue several warnings on different media: as with a mobile SMS, pagers or via e-mail.

Hospitals use our SMS communication solutions to communicate with patients to recall appointment. Care centers use SMS to remind their patients taken medication, or even to communicate the content of folders and items to bring when visiting (radios, test results .. etc, etc)

  • Monitoring of Safety systems
  • Production Monitoring
  • Monitoring of information systems