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Crisis Management : Crisis for an emergency

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Manage a crisis cell for an emergency

MEMOGuard supervises alarms and alerts with call and set up a crisis unit in connection with the procedures set alerts, and planned in relation to the level of the alert. Several means of communication to establish the Crisis: SMS, email, fax, voice messages, pagers, “Sound speaker” or “megaphone”.

It is required by the state to set up a crisis center or communal safeguarding plan to meet a need for communication with citizens in case of emergency “floods, heat waves, storms, snow, earthquake.”

Setting up an emergency unit  for a crisis

Our solutions allow you to broadcast an alert to citizens automatically over a given alert, the crisis will be automatically set up with all possible means of communication and selected accordingly. CLEVER Technologies is specialized for over 10 in the establishment of crisis centers, crisis management .
Our communication tools are simple to implement and recognized by many for their robustness and ease of dissemination of alert messages for the manager the crisis. The emergency management software.
MEMOGuard brings together people for the crisis  via the desired communication channels, SMS, email, fax, pagers, voice messages, voice messages. Read more: CLEVERSMS: Dissemination of messages by the platform via Internet Crisis, Crisis Management
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