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Monitoring IT and Industrial production systems

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The computer system of production supervision system

The supervision of production systems is an industrial technical monitoring and computer control of automated methods and manufacturing. It concerns the acquisition and compilation of data (measures, data, alarms, means, interruption, back to good working order) and control of process parameters usually delivered to programmable machines.
Supervision Tool

Why supervise production systems

Industrial productivity is one of the most important steps in the production system, as well as the means, the availability, call, cadences, blockages, safety and quality.
For all industrial and other products, the requirements are increasing for maximizing performance, for increasing the quality, optimizing the security of goods and people and lowering costs, the entire process of production.
The tools industrial supervision  help ensure and maintain the production of production lines to produce up to increase returns on investment, a production line stopped is significant financial loss.

Supervision of IT and industrial production systems

The production systems monitoring software (LSSP) is involved in all automation based system to immediately visualize the functioning of an installation on screens located on the desks of machines on industrial supervision consoles in rooms controls and monitoring, or in specialized offices or outsourced remotely.Monitoring the MémoGuard software and includes the same interfaces, information in “real time” collected in workshops and machine rooms, connected to products such as: SAP / R 3 ..
MemoGuard is the vital link between the industrial computer network and managing the IT network. Not being locked into a proprietary design, but very open Conversely, it is MémoGuard that fits the basic needs of the company’s production management and not the reverse.
The essential properties of supervision of production systems have ensured the diagrams on screens are animated, the management of crops or formulas, batch processing, traceability of resources and production, automatic design report, eating central management servers in data production, quality, safety or maintenance.
MemoGuard can use SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol of) in the field of industrial management.SNMP is then used to convey information not directly related to the computer network but then transports industrial uses information.

– Network monitoring system discrete event
– Control and monitoring uninterrupted network
– Monitoring of hybrid networks
– Refit and detecting potential incidents
– Maximizing production

MemoGuard 2012 is a system that provides full supervision of your systems, lines, machines, sensors or your production line for a very specific net benefit, reproducible and traceable in real time to address all the key indicators you need for supervision of SI and thus ensure the productivity of man and machine
MemoGuard 2012, is primarily an architectural supervision of production systems modular and scalable, often used for hypervision

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