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SNMP Monitoring Alerts : Software raising SNMP alarms

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snmp monitoring software alerts

The software  SNMP alerts supervisory  alert you via the chosen communication channel: email, SMS, fax, voice message, sound alert, etc .. SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol, which translates Simple Network Management Protocol.
The SNMP protocol is a communication protocol that allows systems manager and network administrators the various computer equipment to monitor and diagnose problems that can occur during raising SNMP alarms .

Monitoring alerts with SNMP

Supervision of SNMP Trap  with MEMOGuard

Supervision SNMP Alert
Many software that manage this protocol. One finds among other Nagios, it can be configured so that interruptions (Trappes) SNMP received by a host, Nagios to generate subsequent TCP / IP packets to be sent to MemoGuard and it will trigger a voice alert, sms …
You configure the SNMP agent equipment (bridges, hubs, switches, routers) to transmit the information to the software alerts SNMP Monitoring. If problems supervisor, MEMOGuard Diffuse alert by several communication channels, email, sms, fax, voicemails, pagers.
MEMOGuard is also in itself a supervisor that incorporates a native module SNMP Monitoring . MEMOGuard monitor your network and all devices connected to it.
Supervision trap SNMP : Alerte SNMP
The software SNMP alerts supervisory alert you via the chosen communication channel: email, SMS, fax, voice message, sound alert, etc ..
You can define multiple response procedures for each one of SNMP alerts , depending on the element that triggers the alert, skilled personnel for intervention will receive the alert message via the channel indicated in the proceedings .
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