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Human Machine interface Monitoring | HMI

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HMI to oversee alerts in real time

CLEVER Technologies developed a GUI for monitoring alarms and alerts, it is a mobile site monitoring via mobile phones, smartphones, iPhones and all web browsers.
The Site mobile Supervision has a new web interface called Human Machine Interface of monitoring . The mobile site supervision is a solution that can monitor your entire IT system and manage all types of alarms and alerts as well as on-call staff.

Interface IT supervision
The mobile site supervision has a Web interface to control some parameters of the application through the network Internet . The supervisory human machine interface offers the customer the ability to access to alerts and to view events on the software MEMOGuard supervision .

Managing bound with Human Machine interface Monitoring

The supervisory HMI also includes a management-call scheduling to manage and supervise people on call via Internet .

The mobile site supervision allows supervision bound guard teams . The supervision software manages alarms and alerts with alert messages dissemination procedures . Each alert can benefit from a single procedure.

The new web version of the HMI for monitoring is an affordable solution via Ipad, smartphone, android, Windowsphone, Iphone. All web browsers can access and navigate the Web interface.
All phones with web access can log on the mobile site to access supervisory HMI.