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Monitoring websites, web servers supervision

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Monitoring websites software

The supervision of computer servers hosting “Web” services is becoming increasingly sensitive and critical: a technical problem on the WEB merchant site reduced the turnover of it, another on a news site can move the drive to competition.

It is therefore important to establish a supervision of these web servers . The supervisory software allow s discharge that more or less automatic spot by receiving alerts via email , social network, SMS … it is possible to acknowledge alarms via DTMF phones – mobile phones or the iPhone like Pc tablet, iPad, smartphone
Monitoring System / Web?
We cut the supervision of two service groups:

  • Computer Supervision System – supervision of materials and equipment
  • Supervision Service web site and supervision of the process

Supervising systems :

1) Supervise the server load : it can monitor that process do not occupy the entire CPU and the server “Web” will have the resources to respond correctly.
2) Monitoring websites available memory : it is a critical point in terms of performance, such as the use of caches in RAM, you need s to ensure that the computer system always has a margin of maneuver level of available RAM.
3) Monitoring of web servers, and memory available Swap : when the system has more RAM available, it uses the Swap memory (hard-drive). We monitor that space is never overused.
4) Monitoring the web server hardware : Our server has two hard drives operating in RAID1. We check that the two disks are functional with a “plugin” home.
5) Active Supervision website of free space on the system partition : we installed our web server on a distribution with the default partitioning that affects a single partition. We are monitoring that the available disk space does not become too low.
6) Monitoring of the website of the free space on the backup partition : our server is hosted by a web host that offers a storage space accessible by FTP or we archive all critical directories from our server. So we mounted this FTP space on a disk directory and we are monitoring the space available.
7) Monitoring website the number of active processes : Too many processes running live on the server can reveal a bug in one of the process. We check that this number is not too important.
8) website Monitoring the number of users connected simultaneously : As we are the only administrator of this server, we put an SMS alert, SMS mail alert that warns when two system administrators are connected simultaneously.

Monitoring websites & web services :

1) We start with the supervision of web services that  critical processes are launched . In passing it is verified that the number of processes is consistent with our setup.
2)   It supervises the ports plays (local) website .
3)  To supervise the website to be monitored, that is controlled  URLS following are accessible.

  • (home page)
  • / (sitmap the uses for your SEO)
  • /xxx.html (the file provided by Google to do the “check” to these services)

4) Supervision of web services and website process counters the attacks  DOS / DDOS : a plugin allows me to detect if my site is victim of a DOS attack (easy to hang) or DDOS (good luck …

CLEVER Technologies offers a telephone contact in order to present the MEMOGuard software. Supervisor alarms and alerts with managing constrained

Further information on the computer monitoring software: