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SMS Alerts Monitoring & Scheduling sms alarm

Scheduler Monitoring with sms  alerts

A good supervisor must be completed by a kind of scheduler Nagios or whatever.
Indeed what is the use of computer monitoring systems , to ensure their availability, prevent failure to detect anomalies in plain ensure all management phases of an information site, if we do not have a good supervision alarm and alert.
The advantage of coupling a monitoring and a scheduler , is that it provides a complete, real-time the status of your information system, regardless of the protocol used: SNMP SMS alerts, newspaper of Operating alerts, or active supervision material, you will always be informed of its real condition.
Nagios complement the MEMOGuard supervisor, is also regarded as an oversight monitor , as ascending alerts, you will be aware of all controlled parameters and manage escalations, especially since some reactions can be automated example stopping, and restarting a system.
Nagios scheduler and analyzer, collection, warns, analyzes, repairs and react if necessary. It will provide several output codes (ok, alert, critical, etc.) to the supervisor alarm  MEMOGuard, to ensure appropriate and effective supervision. Also depending on the modules installed, it will have the advantage of carrying out checks and send the results so Asynchronous ( Alert SNMP traps ) without the need to open ports in the firewall.