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System of supervision | monitoring and the control of the events

The system of supervision allows to check(control) your IT structure and to watch your material or technical installations with ways(means) and back technological methods generation.

Complete system of supervision for the monitoring and the control of the events

MEMOGuard is the best system of supervision which benefits from an interface Man Machine of last generation ” Interface Man Machine for the supervision ” taken care by the alerts via an accessible(approachable) Web interface with all the Web and/or mobile browsers.

Outil Supervision
The system allows to watch all the devices which work and which communicate with networks computing of the concerned company, to proceed to the ascent(rise) of the urgent messages of every constituent(component), or automaton on the system of supervision. Every alert will be broadcast(diffused) according to a procedure adapted according to the type(chap) of the alert, and the choices beforehand made.
The on-call agent will then have to take care of the alert and so acquit(settle) it to confirm the coverage(care) of the intervention to the system of supervision. We brought options to acquit(settle) the alarms as well as the possibility of joining end to end with getting in touch.
The system of monitoring allows to guarantee the smooth running of your installations, whether it is in the world of the industries, Supervision of production lines, IT Supervision of the systems – System of control and monitoring of buildings “Technical management centralized – technical management of batiement”
The Supervision in the broad sense became essential for the Chief Information Officers ( DSI), more and more companies use tools of surveillance(supervision) and control of information systems to go back up(to raise) the alarms and the alerts on their staffs of guard(guarding,nurse) and or on-call. Every minute of stop(ruling) of the system is a real loss of income for the company, the financial losses bound(connected) to the stop(ruling) of automatons, and other machines-systems is often very consequent.