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Supervision Alert Management building technique

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Supervision and control alerts GTB / GTC

Building Management Supervision: the system MEMOGuard® multicast solution alerts and managing constrained by industry , IT, Telecommunications and all walks of life at risk. Allows the supervision of alarms, alerts, compelled , (with double acquittal ), all requirements in terms of crisis management and linking .

GTB Supervision: Supervision Building Management
The monitoring tool interfaces with information systems such as Tivoli, HP-OpenView, Nagios, Patrol, What’s-up, schedulers as Dollar Universe, Control-M, Visual territories, … or with all systemssupervision GTC, GTB , the market.

Reliable facilities – Incident Management – Operating seamless – Monitor & control equipment and infrastructure 24/24 7/7

Monitoring Alert Management building

– Automated Incident Management
– Alert Triggered by SMS, email fax, pagers, voice messages.
– Management of on-call schedules – management duty teams.

The equipment BMS supervision system sends an alert to MEMOGuard ® which is responsible for routing it to the service personnel. Full automation of alert sending guarantees to prevent the right person on call at the right time.
MemoGuard Clever Technologies   oversees the management of your information systems alerting system administrators failures of service and performance. MemoGuard also offers a permanent visibility into the performance of your network, ensuring to safeguard the quality of service levels defined with your users, control and plan the scalability of your corporate network and offer maximum optimization software and hardware investments.
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