Supervision Maintenance |Alert and notify the technicians of maintenance

The offer Supervision Maintenance of the software publisher Clever Technologies, gives you access to a complete range of professional services(departments) including among others the management of the alarms and the distribution(broadcasting) of messages for the on-call agents with acquittal(payment), climbs, joining end to end. This offer is available in several ways, in mode(fashion) Saas as service(department) either in local mode with the autonomous, on-site version.

The success of your project depends strongly on its time(weather) of functioning but also on its exploitation(operation), thus for these reasons CLEVER Technologies with press an offer to oversee the teams of maintenance with the display(visualization) of the real time interventions via a Web interface.
You can implement escalation in case of not answer to warning messages, alert to inform if need be the director of the not coverage of the alert by the staff of maintenance, to visualize the time of coverage of the alarms by the staff between the hour of release and the hour of resolution, at the end of intervention, etc….

Supervision Maintenance with management of alarms

Our tool of supervision maintenance allows to detect as quickly as possible the incidents, alarm, to be able to Analyze and act according to the warning procedure for a release of intervention, the Transmission of messages to the technician of maintenance is defined in a procedure, it is possible to set up the acquittal(payment), the double acquittal(payment) and the joining end to end (getting in touch).
The platform MEMOGuard is a console of supervision complete maintenance which allows to anticipate and to react according to the constraints indicated by customers, absence, not acquittal(payment), schedule, joining end to end, swap or permutation at the last minute. To accompany you in your long-term projects, Clever Technologies placed the activity supervision maintenance in the heart of its job(business) to answer with new options of supervision and monitoring.
Our software of supervision maintenance of the alerts ensures the control of equipments and watches the spread(displayed) connections, the tool of surveillance(supervision) allows to make tests of functioning to anticipate the breakdowns. MEMOGuard answers perfectly the need for management of the incidents of maintenance, MEMOGuard centralizes all the messages of alarms and allows the technician of maintenance to visualize(display) via the Web interface: the schedules, the interventions outstanding discounted bills, to come, or resolved and more into mode(fashion) Administrator(Director)

MEMOGuard is a proactive tool, which alerts(notifies) you before the breakdown is confirmed

He(It) tests the activity of the real time machines and warns the staffs of so necessary maintenance by communicating him(her) the state of the equipment, MEMOGuard indicates via codes / texts the level of functioning, it is possible to determine warning levels, temperature, humidity, Level Top / low level, Electric test and to execute scripts according to the results(profits) gone back up(raised) to stop(arrest) the systems automatically, call a technician of maintenance, or reload a production line in raw materials before it stops(arrests) him(it).
You look for a solution of technical adjournment(transfer) of alarms to warn the maintenance technicians on their GSM, pagers, then made a demand(request) of tests of the solution MEMOGuard.

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