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Management of alarms ¦ Manage the real time warning messages

You look for a solution of management of real time alarms, you need to react and to intervene quickly in case of breakdown of your computer systems or industrial systems. The solution of management of the alarms MEMOGuard answers perfectly your problem ” to manage in real time the alarms with penalties “.
The software of management of alarms will allow you to be immediately informed with warning messages by SMS, Email, Fax, Beep, vocal messages, fixed lines, Electronic Displays, surrounding walls (speakers), printers, scripts …

Web interface of management of real time alarms

When an alarm is activated and when the automaton calls up to your place of residence, it is necessary to be certain whether it is the good person who drops out and not your son, wife or quite different person. You acquit the alarm with a safety code to confirm the coverage of the demand(request), so necessary at the end of the intervention it is possible to configure a double acquittal to indicate the end of the intervention.

Why to manage the real time alarms:

To guarantee the production, and in case of breakdown have the certainty that the information is taken care by the on-call staff who acquits(settles) warning messages with a code of identification. The solution of acquittal and double acquittalwith access codes allows to verify the identity of the person which takes care of the alarm or of the alert.
The joining end to end is one optional available function(office), and allows the getting in touch between the participants(speakers). We shall give an example already undergone in the hospitable(hospital) world with a waiter(server) of phone taxation who falls and charges no more call(appeal) towards the outside. No call(appeal) can be charged in spite of the functioning and the consumption of the telephone lines. The financial loss
The management system of real time alarms is made profitable often very quickly, with an immediate ROI which is easily reckoned in case of breakdown or of stop(ruling) of the activities. The editor of the software of management of the real time alarms, The software publisher and the services(departments), Clever Technologies offers you the possibility of making a test with two types(chaps) of installations, is in mode(fashion) license(Bachelor’s degree) with one model either mode(fashion) (renting) service with the mode SaaS.The productivity and the smooth running of the technical and human installations became essential, the computer systems are minutely overseen by the DSI with multiple tools which allow the supervision of all the equipments so that these never stop with a management of on-line Multi-channel alarms

A management of the messages of real time alerts allows:

  • Question every service or equipment to make sure of the functioning, in intervals chosen
  • Receive, deliver messages of real time alarm, emitted(uttered) by equipments, automaton, waiters(servers)
  • Notify by message via the available means of communication, the administrators(directors) and the on-call agents
  • Intervene at remotely to restart a system quickly via the sending of a code by SMS and the launch of a script on the machine
  • React in case of necessity on an equipment with high warning levels and stop(arrest) him(her,it) or restart him(it) automatically


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