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Monitoring of building management

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Supervise the building management

Monitoring of Building
MémoGuard software  supervising the building management is a technique of computerized control and monitoring of surveillance procedures and safety of goods and people. Industrial supervision the acquisition and compilation of data (measurements, alternating operation, alarms, stop, malfunctions, detection, operating status back …) and process control settings to typically servers.
MémoGuard software management technique supervision of buildings  (BMS or “Building Management”)
The field of GTB is a very large consumer of technical supervision. This method allows to target, centralize and process all information from functioning or malfunctioning of all equipment and technical elements of a building or site activity in real time in one or more processing points integral or remote. In the end we found on synoptic diagrams and reports: orders and followed lifts, heating system, air conditioners, lighting system, video surveillance systems, access control, … etc ..
This type of application in a security policy causes the management and processing of very large volumes of information.
MémoGuard can significantly reduce costs and architectural hardware installation, for three main reasons:
MémoGuard replaces robots hubs, whose role is to be a frontal view an active and reliable communication filter, thus avoiding the costly and not rentabilisable hardware, connection boxes and associated infrastructure.Thus, the supervision system MémoGuard 2012 plays the supervision server role, focus and data processing.He also oversees the functions of programming and scheduling, on-call, metering, energy, …
With MémoGuard operating workstations require no additional license. Thus, we can deploy the supervision on the site without limitation: via terminals in the control room via the safety terminal via intervention and rescue teams via the caretaking team, via entry staff and visitors via the platform provider … etc,
MémoGuard offers a unique feature: building users can directly from their terminal in each of the premises or offices in each of the meeting rooms, access without any additional software installation on their preset remote control or to determine the setpoint temperatures, control the distribution and control of lighting, locks doors, shutters / blinds, enter the schedule for the presence of energy saving and standby for interventions …

Monitoring of building management

With MémoGuard, it is no longer necessary to provide commands or costly independent connections for each element of the building, room or area, and are often very specific for each type of equipment or technical means.


  • control of all equipment and means of lighting
  • control of ventilation equipment and air-conditioning
  • Alert Management for emergency inverters
  • Alert Management generators
  • planning management of standby, programming schedule
  • supervision of the operation of machines and robots,
  • furnace control
  • management and monitoring and control of production equipment
  • monitoring & control for monitoring the temperature regulation
  • test control functioning machines, automatons
  • monitoring and monitoring of security systems
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • etc ….

– MémoGuard is a security management software dedicated to controlling alerts and supervision of computer systems and / or technology.
– MémoGuard is a monitoring software designed to interact with addressable control and signaling equipment and safety data centralists.

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